After purchasing a multi-tiered decking system and a custom bench, Toorak College has not installed a range of fitness equipment for the students. Located in Mt. Eliza VIC, Replas Pro Steve Rawson a part of SR Engineering has been the leading hand when it came to installing this new equipment. Having worked with Replas on many projects before, we knew they were the right team to handle such a large job.

In total, Mt. Elliza has saved the equivalent of 508,000 plastic bags through their purchases! The various products give the students a faculty a huge sign of relief knowing that the furniture, decking, fitness equipment, and more will require the bare minimum maintenance, and last for 40+ years. With the help with Replas Pro SR Engineering and the installation of all new products, Mt. Eliza will have recycled plastic for years of students in the future. Well done to both Toorak College and SR Engineering, another victory for recycled plastic.