Previously, a compacted road base walkway was regularly washed away or buried beneath the sand. Now with the design of a new 90 metre long boardwalk there is enough space underneath to allow water to flow through without affecting the structure.

With saltwater corrosion a huge issue, a raised alloy boardwalk was previously chosen as an alternative however according to Jamie Lewis, Parks Technical Officer at Darwin City Council, this product needed, ‘constant repairs as result of brittle welds cracking and Galvanic corrosion. We believe the Replas Boardwalk to be a better choice due to its cost effectiveness, strength and corrosion resistance’.

Completed in only six days by three installers—from Replas Diamond Club Member Adamant Property Services—the boardwalk has increased ease of access and the response from visitors has been fantastic.

Jamie said, ‘We are very happy with the finished product, the product support during design and construction and the price so would have no hesitation in using Replas products in the future’.