In a boy’s college you would expect the furniture to get a bit of a beating. St Patrick’s College in Silverstream, New Zealand is no exception. Not only does the outdoor furniture have to survive the weather but also the usual wear and tear of a school. Traditional outdoor timber bench seating, while structurally sound, came off a little worse for wear after this winter.

St Patrick’s College came up with the perfect solution. They decided to replace the ageing timber benches with Replas’ recycled-plastic slats. “The recycled plastic has worked really well. The new slats are comfortable to sit on, and if they get a bit wet the water’s easy to wipe off, so the students are getting more use out of them”, said school custodian, Wayne Bingham.

The blue recycled-plastic happens to match the school colour, remaining uniform to the school and environmentally friendly. Wayne also noted the difference recycled-plastic has made to the school’s spirit. “The boys seem to appreciate the seats more now. It’s given the place a lift, and we’ve put in a repeat order”, he said.

Recycled-plastic is guaranteed to not split, rot or attract lichen. A perfect fit for a busy school attempting to teach young boys to be environmentally conscious. It’s the ideal material for outdoor furniture because despite its levels of usage, the seating is guaranteed to last for years to come.