Every Thursday and Sunday evening the foreshore area of Darwin is transformed into the Mindil Beach Sunset Market.

Old wooden bollards in the park were very badly deteriorated due to the harsh climate and damage from termites. Needing a more durable solution, the City of Darwin Council decided to replace the rotting timber with approximately 850 Brolga Bollards made from recycled plastic.

Gus King, from Trojan Contractors, said installation was, ‘quite easy, just like working with timber. You can cut them with a chainsaw, use nail holes and they look excellent as a finished product’.

The result is rows and rows of beautifully straight black bollards which stretch for almost a kilometre along the foreshore park.

Hot moist conditions in Darwin will have no effect on the bollards and because termites have no appetite for plastic they will long outlast timber.

The hollow bollards are strong, yet lightweight making them cheaper to transport and easier to install.

Jamie Lewis, Technical Officer at the City of Darwin said the council is, ‘very happy with the final outcome and will be using more in the area due to the popularity of the bollard amongst the public and the Mindil Market Committee’.

ON PHOTO: ‘Looks amazing, everyone is over the moon with the installation. We are rapt, the upgrade looks awesome especially compared to the pine logs as there will be no rotting and they will last for heaps of time.’

Danielle Evans, Acting General Manager, Mindil Beach Sunset Market Association