“We had previously worked with Replas and had a great experience,” explains Sarah Mouatt, Operations Manager at TerraCycle. “They were very knowledgeable and easy to work with. This combined with their great quality products meant that they were our first choice when choosing a manufacturer for our new project,” continued Sarah. TerraCycle is an environmental company that helps to recycle items that are not typically accepted in kerbside collections. Their innovative initiatives, through brand partnerships, have been the catalyst for many unique recycled products in recent years including a world-first playground made with recycled beauty products. Recently, TerraCycle had partnered with Colgate for “The Colgate Community Garden Challenge” where schools earned ‘Garden Points’ by sending oral care waste to TerraCycle for recycling, and by earning online votes from the community. This competition lead to five school winners who received two Garden Beds, a Bin, a Paddle Sign, and two Beachcombers all made by Replas from recycled plastic waste. The schools also created the designs for the Beachcomber seats, making it a more personal win for the school. Sarah said, “being able to create products from recycled plastic was an essential component of this project. TerraCycle, being a world leader in developing creative recycling solutions, worked closely with the Replas team to ensure that our Oral Care waste stream was given a second life through the creation of these products. The finished products also stood out as Replas were able to offer customisation which added a nice personal touch for each of the winning schools.” There was an overwhelming response from schools across both Australia and New Zealand who were all excited to take part in the TerraCycle competition, ” the winning schools have loved their prizes and the students are all looking forward to tending their gardens and learning the skills to grow their own vegetables. Parents and the wider community are excited that the students are learning about sustainability and how to minimise their impact on the environment,” said Sarah. When asked if they would continue to use Replas products for their competitions Sarah was very excited for the future, “we would definitely be keen to use Replas’ products again. In fact, we already have projects lined up for later this year.”