Cairns City Council, Queensland.

The council has recently refurbished their viewing platforms and boardwalks at Devils Hole, Boulders. After Cyclone Larry left a trail of destruction through north Queensland last year, councils and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service used long lasting Enduroplank™ to replace the destroyed timber.

Southern Grampians Shire Council, Victoria.

The Shire is committed to using recycled plastic for their outdoor furniture and bollards. The local rotary club has ordered several settings, which will be donated to the local community.

Gippsland Ports, Victoria.

Rutter’s Jetty in Gippsland has been refurbished with recycled plastic Enduroplank™ decking. The before and after photos speak for themselves. The Gippsland Ports Authority now recommends the use of Enduroplank™, as it requires very little ongoing maintenance.

Bayside City Council, Victoria.

Bayside City Council have placed 50 Trackmarker signs along the famous Beach Road, on the Port Phillip Bay. Recycled plastic was used instead of wood for many reasons – mainly because these Trackmarkers are price competitive, and will outlast the wooden alternative by many years.

Annandale State School, Queensland.

This school recently purchased recycled wheel stops and speed humps, as student safety became an issue with high levels of traffic in the area. The products have helped reduce the risk of injury, as the speed of passing cars is now reduced.

The Cathedral School of St Anne & St James, Queensland.

This school now has thirty recycled plastic tables and seats spread throughout the grounds. The school prides itself on sustainable environmental procurement; students, staff and parents all acknowledging the benefits that these products bring to the school, and committing themselves to future environmental solutions.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Queensland.

This Townsville school has created a functional break area for students to relax or study outdoors. The Big bench is a relatively new concept that many schools are now adopting, the large space allowing students to spread out their books or sit in groups. It combines a seat and table into one!

Carlyle Retirement Village, Queensland.

This retirement village is one of the largest in the area. During its development, two Kimberley seats were placed at the front of the village in a park environment, providing excellent seating for the residents to enjoy their surroundings.

Yanchep National Park, Western Australia.

For years, staff at this national park have been concerned about the materials being supplied and used in their wetland area. Recently, Replas’ Enduroplank™ decking was installed for a crossover boardwalk.

The Enduroplanks™ are inert and have no issues where the environment is concerned – in fact, the council has saved many trees by using plastic that would have normally ended up in landfill.

The City of Belmont, Western Australia.

Recently, a number of Replas bollards have been installed at Faulkner Park. The local council is a great supporter of Replas products, particularly because of the substantial savings in maintenance due to the unique attributes of the plastic. They also happen to enjoy the natural look of the green bollards.