Brolga Bollards Create Neater Installation Over Timber At Crestwood Estate in Rockhampton QLD

In the latest stage at Crestwood Estate, in Norman Gardens, Rockhampton QLD, over 200 recycled plastic Brolga bollards have been installed. This is one of several sites where Keppel Developments have installed recycled plastic bollards from Replas. Timber bollards used in previous stages had the concrete sloping away, this is done to prevent water building [...]

Picket Fencing Looks Good As New 5 Years Later In Campbelltown NSW

Situated in the south western suburbs of Sydney, Campbelltown City Council contribute to the Circular Economy by being avid Replas supporters. After the soft plastics are collected throughout their municipal through the Red Group and turned into Replas products, they drive the demand for recycled plastic products and become the true recyclers. One of the [...]

Home Owner Installs Picket Fencing in Langwarrin, Victoria

A home in Langwarrin, Victoria had an old wooden picket fence installed in the front yard. After only a few years of being installed, termites had taken over the wood and the fence required re painting every year. Ronda Brookes, a now happy picket fence owner, had Replas solid white pickets installed in place of [...]

Brown Bollards Have Replaced Timber at Westaway Park in QLD

The rotting, splitting, and cracking of the timber bollards installed at Westaway Park in Moggill, Queensland, became a real burden to Brisbane City Council. To replace these timber bollards, Brisbane City Council needed a product that would be durable in the climate, low maintenance for the council, and termite resistant. Replas recycled plastic brown bollards [...]

A building product that’s durable, sustainable, and flexible

If visiting Townsville, QLD., find time to walk or drive up Castle Hill for the view. Look out over the city below, the Ross River countryside in one direction, the sea and Magnetic island in the other. Castle Hill is particularly popular in the evening, as dusk settles, the sun sets and the city lights [...]

Bringing New Zealand’s big-city residents into their forest backyard

The Auckland skyline is renown for the forest-covered Waitakere Ranges that sweep down into suburbia in Glen Eden, Henderson and elsewhere out west. Hugely popular for walking, the magnificent native forest does however create a damp and relatively dark environment that can be  a hazard.  Track maintenance is a constant issue for Auckland Council, as [...]

Banyule bans termites

Seven years ago, three termite infested timber bridges were reconstructed by Banyule City Council in Victoria using recycled-plastic Enduroplank™ decking. With no appetite for plastic the white ants have long since moved on. Pat Gardiner, Co-ordinator Roads, Infrastructure, Maintenance, at Banyule City Council, said not only was the initial installation simple, but there is now, [...]

Environmental Outlet

The bridge at the Outlet in Robe, SA, faces a daily assault of sea water and salt spray. So it was no wonder the District Council of Robe chose recycled-plastic Enduroplank decking as a more durable alternative to timber. Trevor Hondow, Works Manager at Robe District Council said they, 'wanted an environmentally-friendly, cost effective long-lasting [...]

Did you know…?

Termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods, storms and tempest combined. There is a high incidence of infestation in The Northern Territory which creates a serious problem for the NT parks and reserve. Recycled-plastic bollards provide the perfect solution. Timber bollards might create a delicious outdoor dining experience for termites, but [...]