Replas Attends Victorian Waste Management Association Conference 2019

On Tuesday, July 30th, Sales and Marketing Director Mark Jacobsen and Communications Assistant Amanda Mauke attended the 2019 Victorian Waste Management Association State Conference dinner, held at Yarra Valley Lodge, where they had the opportunity to meet incredible people leading the way in sustainability around Victoria. On Wednesday, July 31st, VWMA Conference hosted by Executive [...]

Harnessing the sun

Replas’ Diamond Club Member Designer Decks have installed small solar lights in Replas’ Enduroplank™ to light up the way on a South East Queensland boardwalk. Demonstrating the product’s durability, the solar lights introduce an ambience and tranquillity to the boardwalk, as well as additional security. Slip resistant and easy to install, the Enduroplank™ is made [...]

360 degrees of solar

The Replas Environmental Centre (REC) provides a space for companies who are passionate about providing sustainable solutions. The centre is pleased to now house the Hei solar light—the most advanced solar light on the market. This 2009 National Design Prize winning light has 360 degrees of solar collectors wrapped around its pole structure, this means [...]