Recycled Plastic Plank Signs Are Scattered Across Cairns Regional Council

Cairns Regional Council have started replacing all of their Park Signage throughout the area with Replas Plank Signs over the last couple of years. The termite resistant recycled plastic products make it the perfect fit for Northern Queensland. Replas signs are extremely hard wearing with a high resistance to graffiti, offering an economic and ethical alternative [...]

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Plank Sign Stands Tall at Cairns Works Depot in Queensland

Cairns Regional Council have recently installed a recycled plastic Plank Sign at the Cairns Works Depot. Using recycled plastic products in the Queensland environment means no termites will be eating away at this plank sign. The humid weather along with the harsh sun will not crack, rot, or split the sign. The text of 'Cairns [...]

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Cafe Barriers Make Debut At PARC in Frankston

PARC (Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre) have shown off their new cafe barriers out front of the new cafe. The signage before was a rusted/corroded sign to promote the Mount Franklin water, but now the cafe barriers will have the PARC brand facing the pool areas. The cafe barriers are also placed alongside where it all [...]

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Bollards in historic Auckland cemetery

To the thousands who drive and walk past it every day, historic Symonds Street Cemetery in central Auckland, New Zealand is largely hidden from view. Auckland Council encourages people to stop and consider the cemetery’s place in the urban landscape, and has recently upgraded its tracks and signage. Replas 100 mm black bollards now mark [...]

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Follow the recycled plastic down to Whiritoa Beach, New Zealand

After a series of striking blue beach access signs went in along the foreshore reserve at Whiritoa Beach on New Zealand’s North Island, Hauraki District Council officials and locals were so impressed that other ways if using recycled plastic were kept in mind. Then when the council needed to improve 4WD access alongside the surf [...]

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Recycled Plastic Speaks for Itself at a Top Spot on the Murray River

In 2014 Replas supplied the materials for constructing an access structure to two floating pontoons on the Murray River at Fort Courage. This stretch of the river is simply magnificent as it winds through wildlife reserve and state forest just west of Mildura. Home to the Wentworth Angling Club, Fort Courage is the location of [...]

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What a view!

Recycled-plastic is the new trend for Parkes Shire Council in Sydney’s south-west. Surrounding this beautiful central lake at Cheney Park is an abundance of recycled-plastic! What view is complete without a great place to view it from? There are plenty of benches and picnic settings for visitors to sit on, with a range of colour options [...]

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No sign of the times

During a visit to Gosford City Council, landscape architect Paul Parker requested a site visit to Copacabana beach to investigate the beach access utilising Enduroplank™. Replas Product Manager, Bert Meyer, noted an existing plank sign still standing strong. The sign, installed many years ago, has withstood the test of time despite harsh weather conditions by [...]

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Walking an unusual walk

Walking trails and paths with interesting, informative signs often improve and enhance your typical bush walk. SEEDS Interpretation, based in Mornington, Victoria, has created a similar interactive experience for walkers to enjoy. By using multimedia technology, SEEDS provides user-friendly signage that, amazingly, by simply scanning your smart phone opens a flood of educating and engaging [...]

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Freedom lives on for canines at Pioneer Park

Pioneer park in Leichhardt is enjoyed by canine lovers whom are able to take their pets off their leashes in certain parts. The park features a bollard signage post which has clearly stipulated the rules in relation to canines for many years, making it possible for this to continue. Replas' signage is resistant to termites [...]

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Bollards away

Easy to install, can stand alone or be linked via chain or pipe, these 145 millimetre square bollards with a collar route have been installed in Weston, a suburb in Canberra. These durable bollards are made from recycled plastic—who would have known that recycled material could be so tough! And that’s not the end of [...]

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You can lead a horse to water

The view of the Wivenhoe Dam is sensational and at the top of many to do lists of tourists visiting Brisbane, Queensland. When the gates open and the water bursts through, you won’t want to spend too much time figuring out your way to the lookout. Making your way to the beautiful view from the [...]

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The end is neigh for inferior products

These horse trail markers, located in Burbank, Queensland, Brisbane Koala Bushlands, prove that not only is recycled plastic a better option for the environment but they look fantastic ten years after installation. Unlike timber products, the custom-made bollard signs require very little maintenance and will keep their appearance rain, hail or shine. The signs are [...]

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Moreton Bay reads the signs

Moreton Bay Regional Council, in Queensland, has unveiled 23 recycled-plastic Trackmarker signs along ANZAC Avenue, which highlight a number of key conflicts fought by ANZAC troops during the First World War. The long-lasting signs were installed by Replas Diamond Club member T & H Levai and will ensure the sacrifices made by service men and women will be remembered for [...]

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Bath time for Replas

Just outside the Brighton Baths restaurant, in Melbourne, sits a Trackmarker sign made from recycled plastic. The unique thing about this sign is that it is made from waste collected throughout the community. This resource was saved from landfill and used to create this long-lasting and robust sign. Timber signs in 450 mm are not [...]

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Recycled plastic makes Tynwald wheelchair friendly

Recently, the Derwent Valley Council in Tasmania undertook some improvements at Tynwald Park, a large recreation park which has BBQ, sporting & play areas within its boundaries. As part of the upgrade, council wished to improve wheelchair access. The existing old treated pine post and log combination protruded, hindering entry. The solution was to use [...]

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We’re taking the test

The Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Service are evaluating the performance of a brown Replas Plank sign at the Arid Zone Research Institute. Recycled plastic products are used in many territory park areas and after three years testing the sign has shown it can cope well with the extremes of Central Australia, looking as good [...]

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Replas signs bloom in the desert

Central Australia is an area that experiences some tough conditions, so any signage needs to be equally as tough. Replas signage has proven to be the perfect choice for the Alice Springs Desert Park. The recycled-plastic copes beautifully with the climate and as a bonus is resistant to termites.

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A journey of 10 000 steps

Health advice tells us we should all try to walk ten thousand steps each day. At Gympie Lions Park Trail, in Queensland, it’s easy to know when you have reached your target with a Replas Trackmarker sign marking every 10 000 steps throughout the park. Made from waste plastic that would have otherwise gone to [...]

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Grantham rebuilds

Grantham, a little town in the Lockyer Valley west of Brisbane, was devastated by the Queensland floods in 2011. As part of the rebuilding process they have constructed two beautiful parks—Bugler Park and McGarva Park. The Lockyer Valley Council chose Replas recycled-plastic signs for the project because of the low maintenance and durability. This will [...]

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Which way to class?

Mundubbera State Primary School in Queensland chose Replas Trackmarker Signs to provide directions around the school grounds. Installed by the school’s facility officer the signs have proved a popular addition. Peter Townsend, Principal at the school said they have had, 'a number of visitors to the school comment on them’. Made from recycled plastic, the [...]

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On the trail

Ausland Landscapers installed 24 emergency markers along the Werribee River, in Wyndham City Council Victoria. Made from Replas’ recycled-plastic 145 mm Bollard Signs, these markers provide important safety information for users of the Werribee River trail, and will not require any maintenance for the council.

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New Product

The new Multi Paddle sign has a detachable head for ease of transportation and can be attached either horizontal or vertically. A new Safety Aquatic Sign CD Video has recently been released. This video shows the Paddle sign in different applications including Ocean, River and lake water ways. Please phone for a free copy of [...]

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