The perfect fit for The Ecovillage

The Ecovillage at Currumbin is a sustainable community currently home to over 300 residents. Located in the Gold Coast hinterland of south-east Queensland seven minutes’ drive from beautiful Currumbin Beach, The Ecovillage has received numerous accolades including the International Real Estate Federation’s ‘World’s Best Development Award’ in 2008. The Ecovillage was in need of a [...]

Safety for all road and shared path users

Buyers of Replas profiles use them for all manner of different purposes, from furniture seat slats to garden edging. These recycled plastic profiles are durable, hard-wearing and low-maintenance products that shout out sustainability. Several years ago the Boroondara City Council, Victoria placed Replas profiles on the pathway side of a road barrier to protect cyclists [...]

Booking a Nice Spot Outside the Library

Newly-constructed raised flower beds outside the Holland Park Library in Brisbane have been capped by 200 x 40mm recycled-plastic planks. The grey recycled plastic looks great in its contrast with the box walls and surrounding environment, and the material’s clean texture invites use as casual seating for people passing by and/or using the library building. [...]

School Seats Makeover

Wheelers Hill Primary School recently contacted Replas to see how they could help with their faded and rotting timber seats. Replas not wanting to shy away from a challenge found the perfect solution-65mm x 95mm profiles that have been a fantastic addition to the school playground. The installation of the slats was both remarkably quick [...]

New and Refurbished Picnic Settings: the Versatility of Replas

Dubbo City Council recently upgraded their park furniture alongside the Macquarie River, which runs through the city.  As well as installing a brand new recycled plastic picnic setting, our 40mm x 90mm x 1800mm green profiles have been used to refurbish an existing setting, at a considerable saving. All good for Dubbo, a thriving regional [...]

A new perspective

This satellite picture shows a walking track throughout the Sydney Harbour National Park located on the north side of the Sydney Harbour. The black lines mark the recycled-plastic profiles which support the grating. The walking track is approximately 2km long and is popular with residents and visitors of Manly. Replas was chosen due to its [...]

Belle of the bay

In 2009 Clarence City Council, in Tasmania, chose Enduroplank™ decking to create a spectacular boardwalk at Kangaroo Bay in Bellerive. Five years on, the walkway which looks out over the Marina onto Hobart’s picturesque Eastern Shore still looks amazing. Replas large profiles provided the perfect long lasting solution for wharf fenders. The council capped them [...]

The post is in

Albuera Street Primary School in Hobart were so happy with the Replas posts that line their entrance they recently contacted us to order some more. The recycled-plastic posts create an elegant yet extremely simple barrier that will stand the test of time.

Coles is committed

Not only is Coles committed to helping Australia collect its soft plastic waste for recycling,  but they also realise that to fully support the program they need to the products that are made from this material. This clever use of Replas profiles has created the perfect trolley bay which is sturdy enough to handle the [...]

Hobsons’ choice

As the oldest club in Victoria to have continually occupied the same site, Hobsons Bay Yacht Club has a lot to be proud of. Recently the club chose to use Replas profiles to continue the revitalisation of their facilities. On the nearby Ferguson Street Pier, Hobsons Bay City Council installed the same recycled-plastic large profiles [...]

Plain Sailing

SEAMEC maritime training centre at Lakes Entrance, in Victoria, had a training vessel that was badly in need of repair. A wooden strip on the side of the boat had deteriorated over time. To replace it with wood again was not only expensive, but the expected service life would be five to seven years. The [...]

We’re taking the test

The Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Service are evaluating the performance of a brown Replas Plank sign at the Arid Zone Research Institute. Recycled plastic products are used in many territory park areas and after three years testing the sign has shown it can cope well with the extremes of Central Australia, looking as good [...]

Training in profile

The Centre for Appropriate Technology campus in Alice Springs is a not for profit organisation providing skills training for indigenous people. The Centre has incorporated Replas recycled materials in a number of skills teaching projects. Replas profiles have been used in seating located around the campus grounds.

New boardwalk on Magnetic Island attracts attention

The stunning new 710 metre elevated walkway on Magnetic Island in Far North Queensland was installed by Hutchinsons Builders. It is constructed from a combination of recycled-plastic Enduroplank decking and Replas profiles. Not only is the walkway a unique and robust structure, but the plastic contained in the materials was sourced from waste plastic collected [...]

Built to last

The possible uses for Replas products never ends. The clever people at Transtyle Trailers have used recycled-plastic profiles to build a boat trailer. This is a perfect material for boats as it is resistant to moisture and microorganisms.

Glamorgan ‘Springs’ into recycling

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council installed Tasmania’s first beach access pathway using long-lasting Enduroplank™ decking combined with Replas profiles for the substructure. The new pathway will not corrode or deteriorate in this exposed situation and will provide a lasting addition to the beach which is one of Tasmania’s most easily accessible beaches on the beautiful East [...]

Elite design

What do athletes and recycled-plastic have in common? When subject to wet or muddy conditions, a quick shower has them both looking good as new. Launceston Church Grammar in Tasmania commissioned ARTAS architects to design a new fit out for the change rooms of the school’s sports complex. Having previously worked with Replas products, they [...]

We’ve got the edge

Stockland North Shore is a new residential development 12 kilometres north of Townsville CBD. Landscapers, JMAC, chose to use 40x90 recycled-plastic profiles from Replas to create an elegant finish to local parklands. Jason Zimmer, Project Manager with JMAC said, the main issue the profiles addressed was that the, ‘Edging doesn’t break down,’ comparing it with [...]

Heard about our Large Profiles?

Replas recycled-plastic large profiles are ideal for use as fenders at waterfront locations throughout Australia. They have been created by one of the largest injection moulders, capable of producing high-quality recycled-plastic marine components at an affordable price. The profiles can be made up to a weight of 550 kg, in a range of rectangular sections [...]

Patterson River

As part of a major upgrade of the Patterson River boating facilities, Parks Victoria replaced over 30 rotting timber fenders with recycled plastic. Not only will our large profiles last longer than timber, but the smooth surface of the plastic is less likely to scratch or mark the boats while they are moored.

Forward Thinking

The team at Port Stephens Council in New South Wales have chosed to construct these beachfront stairs with Replas stair treads, profiles and bollards. The council has used Replas products previously, and have always been happy with the results. Andrew Henderson, of the Port Stephens Council, commented that although the purchase price of Replas products [...]

Fit for a king

When it came to updating the deteriorating timber at Kings Pier Marina, the Tasmanian Ports Corporation (Tasports) decided that Replas’ recycled plastic fenders were the ideal choice. As the marina is a popular berthing facility, Tasports needed a product that wouldn’t detract from the natural beauty of the area. Tasports secured the fenders to steel [...]

A grand result

Melbourne’s Manningham City Council recently refurbished the grandstand seating at the Timber Ridge Reserve in Doncaster, replacing old timber slats with 90 x 40mm recycled plastic for a low maintenance solution. Well done to Zac Anver, Manningham’s Sports Development and Liason officer, for his wise selection of recycled plastic.

New use for an old favourite

As Replas, we’ve noticed that large profiles are frequently selected for not only coastal applications, but also inland. Shown here are the 175mm x 75mm profiles used as retaining walls at a playground in Karingal’s Ballam Park. Given that Replas profiles are designed to withstand the rigours of a marine environment, they will last twice [...]

All the world’s a stage

Work is nearing completion on the World Trade Centre North Wharf waterfront redevelopment on Melbourne’s Yarra River, and Replas’ profiles are playing a starring role. The landscape works were designed by Rush Wright & Associates, and will include a performance stage and an artists' zone.

Lane Cove Council

Lane Cove Municipal Council, New South Wales, are demonstrating their commitment to an environmentally sustainable future by replacing the rotten timber surrounding the Lucretia Baths in Longueville. Tal Oswin from the council came in search of a product that would last much longer than the wooden structure, with far less maintenance. Replas used their profiles to [...]

Cairns Park redesign

One of the latest installations completed by the City of Cairns in Queensland is this park redevelopment. Replas bollards have been installed to mark out ‘pedestrian only’ areas, and recycled plastic profiles have also been used to maintain the neat appearance of the garden beds. Bollards and wheel stops have also contributed to distinguishing parking [...]

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