TerraCycle Competition Winners Install Replas Garden Products and Seating To Their Schools

"We had previously worked with Replas and had a great experience," explains Sarah Mouatt, Operations Manager at TerraCycle. "They were very knowledgeable and easy to work with. This combined with their great quality products meant that they were our first choice when choosing a manufacturer for our new project," continued Sarah. TerraCycle is an environmental [...]

New Age Superhero Sees Affects of Plastic Bags

Seven-year-old Cameron may not have super powers, but his actions help change the future. As part of his scout promise challenge, Cameron committed to collect plastic bags and divert them from landfill. In total, he has collected 15 large boxes of plastic bags. Not content with just collecting, Cameron started investigating why and how plastic [...]

Yes pawlease

Living in an urban environment can be a challenge when it comes to exercising our favourite friends. Dogs in New Zealand have never had it so good thanks to several new dog agility tracks which allow them and their owners to have fun in a safe and stimulating environment. Paul Cooper, Environmental Services Manager at Timaru District Council, said, 'The Dog Agility Track was [...]

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