Peta Murphy MP Visits the Replas Environmental Centre

Peta Murphy MP, Federal Member for Dunkley, visited the Replas Environmental Centre in Carrum Downs, VIC with Managing Director Mark Jacobsen. Ms Murphy spoke in Parliament Monday 26th October about the Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill and of the great work done by Replas. She is not only supportive of past innovation but the new [...]

Carrum Downs Recreational Reserve Includes Wheelchair Access Settings From Replas For Park Goers

Wheelchair Access Premier Settings have been installed at Carrum Downs Recreational Reserve in Frankston City Council, Victoria. The 1800 mm settings have been installed years ago and the products still look as good as they did when first installed. Replas’ recycled-plastic Wheelchair Access Premier Settings offer greater legroom thanks to the clever design of the [...]

Gardenvale Primary School Takes A Tour Through The REC

Gardenvale Primary School has ventured down to Carrum Downs from Brighton East to tour the Replas Environmental Centre (REC). The large group of Grade 6 students went through one of the largest plastic recycling centres in the southern hemisphere, an innovative and interactive learning experience! While going down the tunnel into the 'Bag Cave' Gardenvale [...]

Replas Meets with Ministers To Discuss China Ban Solutions

Hon Lily D’Ambrosio is the state Minister for Environment, Energy & Climate Change and she attended our facilities at the REC with the Carrum Downs MP – Sonya Kilkenny and Dominik Nicholls, Senior Manager of Resource Recovery at Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning. The group attended the meeting in the hope to gain [...]

Adelaide Zoo Plastic Wall Makes Its Way To Replas Victorian Showroom

The YATZ (Youth At The Zoo) at Adelaide Zoo volunteers gave up their time back in November to be part of National Recycling Week activities! They taught zoo visitors about the role recycling plays in conservation and what they can do to help. The big talker was the gigantic soft plastic wall spanning the length [...]

Nick Wakeling Tours the REC to Discuss Sustainable Communities for the Future

Nick Wakeling, Shadow Minister for Environment and State Member for Ferntree Gully, Victoria, met with Replas at the Replas Environmental Center  (REC) in Carrum Downs Victoria. The REC is a learning tour that explains the benefits of using Replas products around communities. With plastic use on the rise and the Chinese National Sword program blocking [...]

Replas Hosts Indigenous Students To Experience Melbourne Along With Recycled Plastic

In April 2017 Brittany Pottinger along with nine other students from Flinders Christian Community College spent ten days at the Woolaning Homeland Christian School, two hours south of Darwin. Their mission was to donate a recycled plastic bench from Replas to the Aboriginal students with their school emblem engraved on the seat! Flinders students and [...]

Replas Savvy Fabrication Team Creates New Look To Kimberley Seat

The hustle and bustle of Replas did not stop the fabrication team to stop and appreciate the work they have done! This week, the fabrication team here at Replas just finished fabricating a new look to the famous 2 support Free Standing Kimberley Seat! Delivering to New South Wales, these seats have had an excellent [...]

Carbon Cutters

In early June, Replas Peter Patterson and Cheryl Stevens showed the 'Carbon Cutters' around the Carrum Downs showroom and gave them a tour through the 'Bag Cave.' This group classifies themselves as 'Neighbours seeking and sharing ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our everyday lives.' The residents in Princess Hill VIC, meet at the [...]

Nossal High School visits Carrum Downs Showroom

On June 1st, Nossal High School students took a tour through our Carrum Downs showroom and educational tour through our 'Bag Cave' that explains all things recycled plastic and Replas. Ben McCulloch, a Replas Sales Consultant, took the students around and explained a bit of the background on Replas. While explaining, Ben gave the students [...]

Open Day at Replas

Replas held an Open Day at there showroom in Carrum Downs, where visitors had a tour of Replas products. Along with the process of production and what they can do to better this sustainable future. Peter Patterson, National Business Development Manager, was the tour guide for the day. The visitors also caught up on the latest [...]

New Age Superhero Sees Affects of Plastic Bags

Seven-year-old Cameron may not have super powers, but his actions help change the future. As part of his scout promise challenge, Cameron committed to collect plastic bags and divert them from landfill. In total, he has collected 15 large boxes of plastic bags. Not content with just collecting, Cameron started investigating why and how plastic [...]

How well the water flows

Sandarra Blvd, located off Wedge Road in Carrum Downs, Victoria, boasts a wonderful neighbourhood park that is popular with local families living throughout the surrounding estate. Needing to replace a drinking fountain system that was constantly getting blocked, park management looked to Replas for the solution. The park’s new Replas drinking fountain not only looks [...]

A big day for an important recycled plastic partnership

Staff at the Replas Environmental Centre at Carrum Downs, Victoria were recently blessed with a visit by Liz Kasell from the Red Group and Kristy Green from Coles Supermarkets. The Red Group and Coles are special partners of Replas in the movement to recycle and reuse plastic packaging. Kristy was making her first visit to [...]

Did You Know?

While government is called upon to ban plastic shopping bags Victorian based recycling company Replas has found a better way to deal with the problem and they've recruited a new super hero to help spread the message. Captain Replas challenges 'super civilians' to take the tour at Replas Environmental Centre in Carrum Downs, VIC. For more information visit to [...]

Replas hits the road

Over 100  recycled-plastic speed humps were installed in an industrial complex in Carrum Downs, Victoria, to slow down traffic travelling through the complex. 12 months after installation these grey speed humps are performing perfectly and without any maintenance are still looking as good as the day they were installed.

RE-fit for schools

Flinders Christian Community College in Carrum Downs, Victoria, wanted to incorporate recycling into their curriculum. The students visited the Replas Environmental Centre gaining an insight into the recycling of soft plastics into products. Inspired, they set up their own school house based competition to deposit their own soft plastics from home. This was collected by the [...]

Flinders College student speaks out about recycling

‘Flinders Christian Community College Carrum Downs is very passionate when it comes to recycling and contributing to the cleanliness of the community, both inside and outside of the campus. Recently, Flinders has created some new programs which have had significant differences on the appearance of the school and the community. One of these is the [...]

College embraces change

Flinders Christian Community College in Carrum Downs, Vic, is a school that believes change begins with our own attitudes and practices. Such is their commitment to the environment they have developed a Community Engagement program as part of their Middle School curriculum. According to Nick Haines, Head of Middle School, the program will give, ‘students [...]

A full circle moment

In order for Replas to produce a range of over 200 recycled-plastic products, we first need to source the plastic waste in order to recycle it. Materials Manager, Geoff McLaren, is the person responsible for managing the plastic waste collected by Replas. Geoff is based at our processing plant in Lilydale, Victoria, but recently visited [...]

Frankston Leader

AS the 12th World Environment Day approaches, there are several ways residents can learn more about their community. Each year the United Nations Association of Australia initiative, held on June 5, aims to promote and recognise outstanding environmental initiatives from around the country. To celebrate the event, Replas (Recycled Plastic Products) in Carrum Downs is [...]

Rowellyn Park Primary

A sandy embankment along a path was causing a slip hazard at Rowellyn Park Primary School in Carrum downs, Victoria. Sand movement and embankment erosion, particularly when it rained, led to the path being covered in sand which then caused the drains to become clogged making life difficult for Alf Lattin, Maintenance Manager at the [...]

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