“I was working for our Chelsea day service, supporting a group of 5 people with a disability on Tuesday this week.  Most are in wheelchair.  We sat in the undercover area, the dragonfly lookout,  and had a BBQ with the group.  The day was wonderful the park was neat, tidy, BBQ clean,” explained Silver Potter, Inclusion Project Officer – Scope back in January. Enjoying a beautiful afternoon at Karkarook Park in Moorabbin where Replas Pro SR Engineering was building a new Swale Bridge made from Replas recycled plastic decking, Enduroplank™ and composite fibre. Silver continued,  “what made it even easier was that the 2 men working on the lookout they were repairing the walkway on the lookout they were very good to us.  They would tell us when they were going to make noise and cause dust.   They made sure they didn’t upset or startle the group by anything they did.  Their interaction with us was very good and much appreciated.”

Combining Enduroplank™ with a composite fibre sub-structure produces a construction that contains no timber or metal, other than fixings and brackets. Composite fibre components are extremely lightweight, yet much stronger than steel. They are also easy to install and transport which reduces installation and freight costs. A great installation for Karkarook Park and incredible work done by Replas Pro SR Engineering.