On Sunday 17th November 2019, as part of a local Christmas Pageant, Surfing South Australia encouraged young people to help clean up local beaches by picking up rubbish and trading it in for a ‘handplane’ made from Post Consumer Recycled Sheeting. A ‘handplane’ is a small surfboard used for body surfing and is a great entry level activity for young people to engage with the ocean and catch a wave. Supported by the Nature Conservation Society of SA and the surf brand Vissla (who utilised recycled products in their wet suits and clothing), Surfing SA renovated a 1970 caravan into a mobile workshop where they can teach young people about recycling and help them make their very own handplane.

Surfing SA chose Post Consumer Recycled Sheeting after a chance encounter at the Parks and Leisure Australia conference in October. They were excited to use the Post Consumer Recycled Sheeting because the young people would be able to see exactly what some of the rubbish they collected on the beach could be turned into. They especially loved the bright and colourful appearance the of the sheeting! Throughout the summer, Surfing SA will be running their beach clean up activity and helping to close the loop on the future of a Circular Economy. Made from HDPE bottles used for milk , juice and household chemicals and collected via kerbside recycling, this new sheeting is perfect for indoor applications such as chairs, tables and benches, along with vanities, storage, toilet/shower partitions and much more.