When a previous walkway at Merbein in Victoria, was closed because it was deemed unsafe for pedestrians, Mildura Rural City Council had a vision of what it wanted to achieve with a new structure, but was faced with very a difficult site where access was restricted due to a steep escarpment.

Replas was able to provide a solution in the form of a stunning new staircase that forms part of the Blandowski Walk. The 46 metre staircase is constructed from recycled-plastic Enduroplank™ decking with a composite fibre sub-structure and offers exquisite views over the surrounding cliffs.

Mark Woodhouse, Senior Technical Officer from the council, said, ‘We needed a light, strong, maintenance-free, durable product that we could actually construct here on site. We had no way of getting cranes, or any physical way of accessing the site’. According to Mark installation was made easier by the fact that the components could be, ‘put together like a Meccano set.’ Adding that, ‘The longevity of this project lent itself well to this particular product and we don’t envision any maintenance whatsoever’.

Offcuts from the project will be returned to Replas for recycling where they will be turned into benches for the site.