On 7 March 2016, Ben McCulloch from Replas made a presentation to the Hazelwood Rotary Club in Churchill, Victoria.  The topic was “A Smart Way to a Better Environment”, in which Ben talked about current issues around disposal of plastic waste within Australia, and the modern solutions available to mitigate the environmental problems plastic creates. Club members heard how Replas not only collects Australian plastic waste, thus diverting it from landfill, but uses it to also manufacture over 200 different products that are functional, long-lasting and low-maintenance.

Leo Billington, President of Hazelwood Rotary Club said that,  ‘Ben’s explanation of recycling plastic waste was professional, succinct and relevant.  There were plenty of examples of product manufactured by Replas illustrating a diverse range of products, all made from plastic waste.  As a worthy winner of the Banksia Award, Replas must be held with high esteem and employees such as Ben McCulloch are obviously proud to “spread the message” about recycling plastic waste’.