“Simplot visited Replas and saw the great work turning plastic material that traditionally went to landfill but are now recycled into reusable and practical products,” explains Anthony Mee, Safety, Health, Environment and Well-being Manager at Simplot Australia. “Our factory saw an opportunity to buy back some of the plastic that may very well may have originally come from our factory. We chose to buy back picnic tables and bench seats to play our part in the Circular Economy,” said Anthony. Now installed at the facility are recycled plastic Premier Settings, offering greater legroom thanks to the clever design of the bench and table supports. The setting comes in a choice of slat widths depending on style preference, can be adapted to allow wheelchair access and are available in your choice of four recycled-plastic slat colours, and three lengths. Unlike other outdoor furniture which may need constant maintenance, these recycled-plastic tables and benches will not split, splinter or crack and never need painting. “We intend to continue to reduce our plastic impact on the environment by eliminating waste plastic. Thank you Replas for an option for us to continue to put more products back, our employees have welcomed this initiative and is a positive talking point at our work breaks.”