South Australia’s City of Unley is very proud of its beautiful tree lined streets, but the same tress that breathe life into the city are also responsible for breaking up the footpaths, causing safety issues.

The council continually had to repair the footpath, due to tree roots bursting through the bitumen. Because of the significance of the trees, they could not be removed, meaning a large portion of council funds were going into maintaining the footpath.

What was needed was a solution that was not only sustainable, but had an extremely long lifespan. Replas provided the answer in Enduroplanking™, installed over a raised composite fibre base, with recycled plastic capping used for a kick rail.

This provided the council with a completely timber-free solution, offering immense street appeal whilst also being cost effective. The footpath now has an expected lifespan in excess of 40 years, and, importantly, has allowed the integrity of the tree roots to be preserved.