The team at Calypso Star Charter and Louth Bay Jetty in South Australia have installed custom recycled plastic Beachcombers for their customers and visitors to enjoy. “We chose Replas as we wanted to do our bit to create demand for the many bag fulls of soft plastics we recycle from our operations,” said Andrew Wright, General Manager and Master at Calypso Star Charters. “We wanted a product that was strong, durable and maintenance free but also that we could tell the story of to our guests.” Beachcombers from Replas have been specially designed to be installed wherever a beachside theme is appropriate. At the beach, on the pier, or outside of Calypso Star Charter, the comfortable Beachcomber bench will add interest to any setting and create a talking point. Andrew explains, “when I discovered that Replas could customise a couple of seats, made in our existing company colours with a picture of a shark and a sea lion, I figured that they would be something that not only people would sit on, they’d probably take a photo and share it too! The new Replas Beachcomber seats match the façade, it all compliments.” Suited for marine environments, the recycled plastic benches will not rot, rust or corrode in the salt water environment and will never need painting. Andrew especially love the low maintenance aspect, “It didn’t take me long to convince [them] that the Replas seat was a much better option, no ongoing maintenance which means the group of volunteers can spend their time doing other projects. When the choice is between a seat that needs to be sanded and re oiled every 12-18 months and Replas that looks like brand new after a wipe over with a wet cloth, it really is an easy decision.” A creative, long lasting furniture solution for Calypso Star Charter to enjoy for many years and for many tourists!