This Beachcomber seat was made from recycled plastic, much of which first used as banana protection bags in North Queensland plantations. No better way to use a waste product than to create an identifiable symbol of what can be done with plastic recycling. Thanks for this great initiative go largely to Heidi Taylor of Tangaroa Blue Foundation, part of the Australian Marine Debris Initiative dedicated to protecting our oceans by reducing plastic waste.

Far too much plastic finds its way to the sea. The seat is tangible evidence of the value plastic can have when properly recycled, evidence that goes a long way to supporting the efforts of  conservation group like Tangaroa Blue.  A wonderful example of recycle and reuse; practical, long-lasting pieces of furniture that with the artwork possibilities can be made into something functional, unique and amazing.

This  seat stands in the Lakeland community centre on the Cape York Peninsula in Cook Shire, the first of many exciting possibilities in the future of pre-used banana bags.