Only 16k’s south of Swan Hill, Victoria lies Lake Boga – a very popular spot for fishing and boating. Not only for the town’s residents, but for tourists from all around Victoria and interstate. Facilities along the foreshore also include a caravan park and picnic areas with electric barbecues. Because of the massive tourist point, it’s important for Swan Hill Rural City Council to provide the best seating and barriers for the safety and security of visitors.

Replas Pro Whitfield Excavations installed hundreds of 100 mm and 125 mm black bollards around Lake Boga and surrounding grass and boat ramp for Swan Hill RCC. The recycled plastic seating were specifically designed shaped seats, strategically placed along the main park area proudly displaying the Catalina Flying Boat. Recycled plastic products will play a huge roll in the Swan Hill community, with durable and long lasting products that will supply visitors and tourists with the most reliable products.

In the same area is the Lake Boga Flying Boat Museum, home of the historic Catalina Flying Boat and the site of World War II’s secret RAAF Repair Depot.