A very special job went through our factory recently, when Mr Phillip Harding commissioned a recycled plastic memorial seat in memory of his late wife Rosemary.  Phillip chose to have the seat installed at the Finke River roadside stop between Alice Springs, NT and the South Australia border. This spot was the first place Phillip and Rosemary rested on a Stuart Highway journey, and where they fell in love under the beautiful starscape that overlays the vast open spaces of the Red Centre.

Rosemary passed away before she could visit the seat in it’s special place. However we were able to complete the job so that she could see a photograph of it: a lasting memorial set in a place where Rosemary and Phillip gave their hearts to each other. A place at the very heart of the country where weary travellers may rest, just 200 km from the central point of Australia as the crow flies.