On the 3rd of August, Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited the Downer site to discuss the recycling of plastics into asphalt for roads. In his statement, Scott Morrison explained the importance of turning waste into asphalt, plastic benches or energy. Find the full transcript here: https://www.pm.gov.au/media/doorstop-downer-rosehill-processing-facility


“For every 10,000 ton of materials that we divert from landfill into these sorts of recycled uses, that creates a net six jobs. We currently export one and a half million tonnes of waste of plastics and glass and paper offshore every year. Now, as you know at the meeting of Chief Ministers and Premiers last week, we agreed that we’re going to put an end to that and we’re going to put a date on the end of that. But what we will be doing between now and then is ensuring that we have a plan between state and commonwealth governments to ensure we can scale up the scope of activities that we’re seeing here right across the country so there is the capability to take that waste. And whether it’s turning into asphalt or whether it’s turning into plastic benches or turning it into energy that is the capability our country has. ” – Prime Minister, Scott Morrison – Downer (Photo via. The Australian AAP)