Over the years, Elizabeth Vale Primary School in South Australia have installed more than 8 different products from Replas, totalling to over 70 recycled plastic products! Elizabeth Vale PS is the first school in SA to replace all of their outdoor furniture with products made from recycled plastic. This school has truly ‘walked the walk’ in regards to Closing the Loop by choosing to purchase Replas products by making the sustainable choice and purchasing back the waste that they created. Elizabeth Vale PS is a White Ribbon School, have a Replas buddy bench, and a White Ribbon bench proudly displayed in front of their White Ribbon mural. Principle Julie Murphy is extremely impressed with the products and is committed to making sustainable procurement choices where possible. Well done to Elizabeth Vale PS from saving almost 1 million pieces of plastic packaging from landfill!

The school has ordered and installed the following over the years:

Junior Settings, Junior End Benches, 1.8m Beachcomber, Lyrebird Settings, 1.8m 3-support Kookaburra Benches, Parkdale Benches, Seat Slats, 3.6m Premier Benches, and large Big Benches!