Rye Probus Club in Victoria has been presented what Replas as a company is doing to prevent plastic from entering the ground in a landfill or being shipped offshore. Ben McCulloch from the Replas Sales Team has shown “the smart way to better the environment.” Rye Probus Club, made up of roughly 50-60 members, were all captivated by the presentation of products and the knowledge of inadequate infrastructure to deal with the large quantity of plastic waste in Australia.

Ben enlightened the members of Rye Probus Club about the different ways they can make that difference. By bringing soft plastic waste down to your local Coles and Woolworths, it is collected and used in the manufacturing of over 250 products from bollards and furniture to a high scale of boardwalks. “Even better,” explains Ben, “an estimated equivalent of 18,000 plastic bags is saved from landfill and used to create a single 1.8m seat which can be seen in parks/gardens throughout Australia and in many Coles supermarkets!”