RSPCA Victoria’s Animal Care Centre in Burwood East, VIC, have installed recycled plastic furniture in their outdoor dog enclosures. The Kimberley Seats were purchased prior to 2011 and used for the volunteer dog handlers to rest whilst the dogs, up for adoption, get a chance to roam freely in their own exercise yard. In 2016, a new Kimberley Select seat was installed as a communal resting place amongst the flora of the exercise yard. Dog handlers and team members use the seat to relax and take in the serenity of the site. One of the major advantages of using recycled plastic in an area like this is not rotting, splitting, or cracking – making it safe for both team members and dogs. The 900m Kimberley Seat features an ergonomic design with a smooth curved back for extra comfort, an ideal option for park and gardens alike. The Kimberley Select seat offers a modern twist on the comfortable old faithful. The combination of extra slats and a more streamlined support results in a design that is both practical and stylish – again perfect for any outdoor area. With little maintenance needed, RSPCA not only saves the lives of animals but contributes to environmental sustainability.

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