Royce Water Technologies were looking for a more sustainable option for the fabrication of their water moving aerators. In their search for using a recycled material, they came across the Sheeting material from Replas. “We chose Replas products for several reasons, it’s a sustainable product, quality product, supplied in a timely manner and the best salesman we dealt with,” explained Campbell Parminter, part of the Royce Water Technologies team. Replas Post Industrial Recycled Sheeting is 100% solid plastic sheets, available in thickness range from 7 to 60 mm in recycled HDPE and PP. This sheeting is manufactured in Australia, in a range of colours, in smooth or textured surface finish. Unlike timber based sheets or panels, Replas sheeting is tough, strong and durable, will not rot, crack, swell, determinate, mildew or be attacked by termites. “As we used various fabrication techniques, we were a little surprised how easily it was welded, it is common belief in the plastic industry that only virgin material can be fabricated with. Corrosion resistance has also greatly improved as compared with metal framed versions and we can get the colour we want from Replas,” said Campbell. Recycled plastic Sheeting will last for years outdoors and in continuous contact with water and many corrosive chemicals that would attack and destroy most metals. “The benefits were clear to Campbell, “low maintenance, easily cleaned and a ‘good feeling’ of being part of the Circular Economy.” “As we are in the water industry, and as a rule, we are looking to leave the planet in a better state than we found it in. The product itself helps remove pollutants from bodies of water, so we are using waste to combat pollution. The Replas product has helped us not only solve issues with incompatible materials in the application, but it has added a significant focus on material selection and opened our eyes to the possibilities of using recycled materials.”