Rottnest Island Authority in WA have partnered with the Rottnest Foundation to create a 50 kilometer network of trails that will facilitate public access on the island while also minimising the pressures of tourism on the natural environment.

Exposure to the elements is the first thing that land managers on Rottnest consider when choosing materials; this is why recycled plastics are a material of choice on the trail network.
Rottnest Walk Trail Coordinator, Eilidh Graham, said, ‘Replas track markers are being utilised for way finding along the trail. They are easily routed to allow for artwork attachment and although highly visible, are not detrimental to the vistas along the trail. Bench seats blend nicely into the surrounding environment and Replas garden panels have proven to be a good choice for the restoration of the stairs between the Oliver Hill Guns’.

‘The West End boardwalk is as robust and presentable as it was when the last screw went in back in 2011!’ Eilidh Graham, Rottnest Walk Trail Coordinator, Rottnest Island Authority.
The Rottnest Island Authority are now looking at other areas of the Island that similar materials can be used to create safe, sustainable and low maintenance access ways to the Islands bays along the remaining sections of the Wadjemup Walk Trail.