The Wollondilly local government  area south west of Sydney hit the news in June 2016 when wild weather caused extensive flooding there. At the flood’s peak, the main street of Picton, NSW had over 900 mm of water rushing through it and causing significant damage as it inundated surrounding properties.

Knowing there were some significant Replas installations in Wollondilly Shire, we later went out for an inspection. The recycled plastic picnic settings at the Botanic Gardens came through the storm unscathed, still sitting fully functional in their place waiting for the next group of visitors to relax in the beautiful surroundings. And the resilience of 125 mm Replas bollards installed at the sports ground behind Mount Annan Public School was on display. A news media video showed them standing up strong to the torrent of flood water that  flowed swiftly across the park.