Residents of Lithgow Council in New South Wales were wanting exercise and agility opportunities for their dogs at the local off-leash Dog Park. “We were excited to apply for a small grant from Hy-Tec for agility equipment, we knew it would enhance the whole dog park experience for our dogs,” explains Karen, just one of many community members looking to improve the area. “We were successful with the grant so we lobbied council to install the equipment for us, they have done and it looks fantastic,” Karen said. Recycled plastic Dog Agility from Replas allows dogs to safely exercise without the material splitting, cracking or splintering. Using a track builds trust and confidence between dogs and their handlers and also develops the socialisation skills of pups. Replas tracks consist of obstacles all constructed from recycled plastic. “Our off-leash dog area now has a ramp, a sit stand platform, hurdles, a tunnel and a bridge. Tourists and locals really enjoy this park now and we are very happy with the people from Replas who advised us and provided the equipment,” said Karen. Lithgow Council now have low maintenance, durable, fit for purpose Dog Agility equipment next to their Endeavour Park Adventure Playground for everyone in their municipality to enjoy thanks to their passionate residents!