“There is no point in complaining about plastics in the environment if we don’t support initiatives that do something about the issue,” explains Carmel McNaught, who is now the owner of recycled plastic Cafe Sheco’s at her home in her arbour and on her balcony. “We have one table on a balcony and we have the same arrangement in both our courtyards, a bench and your stools used as small tables,” said Carmel. Cafe Sheco’s make a big statement in a small space, the super compact setting is ideal for a tiny balcony, small courtyard, or any outdoor area that needs a splash of colour. Made from recycled plastic sheeting, the table and three stools are lightweight and waterproof. “We wanted maintenance free outdoor furniture,” said Carmel, “and we liked the clean lines of the products we chose.” Like all recycled plastic products from Replas, this Cafe Sheco will not rot, rust or ever need painting, “we got what we expected and are very please.” Carmel also mentioned the great benefit of purchasing recycled plastic products as a, “warm and fuzzy environmental glow.”