At Belvedere Reserve in Seaford, Victoria, Frankston City Council has made use of black recycled plastic 150 mm bollards with galvanized posts to create attractive post and rail fencing along the roadside. The fence stretches hundreds of meters around the reserve, its clean lines presenting a subtle yet strong visual barrier between park land and suburban street. Interspersed along the way is a series of recycled plastic Kimberley Seats, creating an attractive and highly functional backdrop to the facilities that include the St Kilda Football Club training ground.

The recycled plastic waste used in production of the seats and bollards at Belvedere Reserve is estimated to weight over three tonnes. That’s the equivalent of 800,000 plastic bags collected from Coles supermarkets throughout Australia, saved from landfill and reinvented as practical public furniture. And being made of plastic, we know it will last.