At the 2019 Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Plastics and Waste Conference, Replas had the opportunity to chat to the Honorary Trevor Evans MP, Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management in Brisbane. Mark Jacobsen, Sales and Marketing Director at Replas, spoke with Trevor at the conference aptly named ‘The Future of Plastics and the Circular Economy.’ They discussed the importance of education programs to help the community recycle effectively, such as APCO – the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation – who is addressing this issue via an online PREP tool. They also spoke of the value and difference between composite plastic and 98 % recycled plastic, and how this knowledge allows consumers to make informed procurement decisions.

‘Creating a circular economy in Australia is a shared responsibility,’ said Trevor. He explained that the Commonwealth Government can leverage funding to ensure that recycled plastic products are specified in project guidelines, which will drive the demand for these products and grow the industry. There will be continued support through grants and incentives through the development of a Circular Economy Policy and Action Plan, and the states are being asked to take a unified approach to waste management. He assured Mark that they are looking at how currently funded assets can implement the use of recycled plastic products, to help improve the environment in practical and meaningful ways.