“We picked them because they are durable and stay looking good even with a bit of weather,” explains Angela Holleran, Principal at Peranbin Primary College in Victoria about their newly installed recycled plastic Modular Benches from Replas. The Modular Bench is a versatile solution for any area that can be fixed to a surface and are heavy enough to be free standing. These recycled plastic furniture pieces from Replas are a perfect fit for schools who are looking to create as much seating as possible. “They are solid and stable which makes them suitable for children of all ages to sit, stand or climb over. The weight of the benches is also great because they are heavy enough to stay put,” said Angela. Peranbin Primary College have successfully contributed to not just the demand for recycled plastic products but have adopted the Circular Economy principles. The long lasting, durable, low maintenance Modular Benches will withstand the outdoor weather and students of all ages for many years to come.