At Blacks Beach in Mackay, Queensland, preferred Replas Pro Plants Whitsunday have installed another beach access staircase. The composite fibre structure is accompanied with Enduromesh steps leading directly into the sand from the car park. The sturdy composite fibre structure can be used in a variety of boardwalk and decking applications. The innovative design allows the component to be seamlessly integrated with Replas decking materials, resulting in environmentally friendly, cost effecting structures. Because of the light weight material, this composite fibre is easy to install and transport. Enduromesh gaps allows drainage, alternative decking material does not have. Allowing water to pass through, Enduromesh can outlast harsh weather conditions in far north Queensland and will be resistant to termites. The low maintenance, durable staircase structure will allow for surrounding foliage to flourish and will outlast the cyclones and heat.