Replas Pro Indigenous Design Installs Products at Laurimar Primary School

Recently installed at Laurimar Primary School in Doreen are Premier Settings and custom Planter Boxes from trusted Replas Pro Indigenous Design. Premier Settings offer greater legroom from an upgraded design for the benches and table supports. The use of a galvanised steel frames means only two posts are required to support the benches and table, with a 3 support option also available. Also available in your choice of colour and three lengths, Laurimar Primary School have the green slats with chess board inserts! The chess board insert is made from high impact acrylic material. Unlike other outdoor furniture, these recycled plastic Premier Settings will not split, rot or crack and will never need painting. The custom designed Planet Box is a great way to add a touch of nature to any outdoor area. A great addition from Replas Pro Indigenous Design!


Garden Panel

A sturdy solution for garden beds, playgrounds and sand pits.

Planter Box

A versatile and custom product with endless possibilities. Resistant to moisture and an extremely durable planter box solution.