Founder of ‘The Last Straw’ Nicole Nash, discussed the impacts of single use straws with the Replas team in Queensland in early August 2018.¬†Currently the Last Straw on the Great Barrier Reef is a one-woman campaign, looking to obtain traction and volunteers to assist in spreading the word about why straws suck. Volunteers have the opportunity to assist with the campaign through our volunteers pitch plastics perfectly pack and through our partnership with Reef Check Australia. Venues all around Australia are encouraged to go plastic straw free in an effort to reduce consumption of single use plastics.

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“The Last Straw is about changing the culture around unnecessary plastic straw use, from consumers to venues. A shift of consumer focus to organics, Fairtrade, local sourcing, low waste and increased sustainability means that we are becoming more conscious of where we put our money. We want to know that our purchases are not having a negative impact on the world- and who can blame us?

This is more than a trend. This a permanent and intentional move to shift our lifestyle to match our beliefs. At The Last Straw, we believe that it makes no sense to continue to use plastic straws at the volume we do, and that big change can be made through small everyday actions driven by you.”