On Thursday, November 14th, Replas held a free Replas Environmental Centre tour apart of National Recycling Week. Companies, business men and women, along with parents, kids and teachers all attended the free tour to learn more about recycling and recycled plastic products from Replas. The REC starts with a tour through ‘The Tunnel’ to educate on recycling, soft plastic collections through the REDgroup program and Woolworths and Coles, along with the Circular Economy model at Replas. The ‘Bag Cave’ shows how soft plastic is a valuable resource to create durable, long lasting products, along with a theatre like aspect to show Replas videos. The Showroom showcases recycled plastic products from Replas like furniture, bollards, decking and much more. Visitors had the opportunity to see our simulator robotics in action.  Replas is excited to share and educate the public and corporations about recycling and what needs to be done to create a demand for recycled plastic products and create a Circular Economy.