2012 is set to be a big year for Replas, not only do we turn 21, but our research and development team has come up with the best present yet—and we’re giving it to you! While many Australian manufacturing companies are struggling to survive in this competitive global economy Replas is bucking the trend by investing heavily in technology. This allows us to offer you products that are not only cutting edge, but also higher quality and more affordable.The latest fully automatic production line to have been commissioned will manufacture our range of bollards. This machine has been built by our R&D department and uses state-of-the-art computerised controllers and robotics to ensure our products are produced as efficiently as possible using material that is diverted from landfill or was destined  for China.

Replas is especially proud that this automation has allowed the company to create more Australian jobs. Liam Pierce, Engineering Manager, Replas, says, ‘As jobs are lost in the manufacturing stage more jobs are created in raw material procurement and processing along with fabrication and sales’.

‘People have the perception that using robots and full automation means they will lose their jobs, but the truth is if our recycled plastic products aren’t made as efficiently as possible the jobs will be lost offshore and the company’s proactive R&D approach will not be able to be funded.’ Liam Pierce, Engineering Manager, Replas

Our 150 mm round bollard is the latest product to be produced with this new technology.