In July 2019, Replas attended the New South Wales Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) ‘Future of Soft Plastics’ technical seminar series. With over 100 people at the event, Sales and Marketing Director Mark Jacobsen, took the time to discuss the possibilities that are in front of Replas and the ability to take in soft plastics.

“Replas has 55 brand owners on board, up from 40 last year, which is up from 30 the year before. Jacobson said, “As brands become more accountable we should see an increasing number looking to take responsibility for the plastic they produce. The Replas solution meets the challenge.

“Plastic packaging is growing exponentially. It is not going anywhere, the opposite in fact. We all have to take responsibility. For instance in your own workplace, what are the car pack wheel stops made of? Concrete, or your own recycled plastic?”

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