Ten years ago Yarra Road Primary School north-east of Melbourne installed a number of wall-mounted and free-standing recycled plastic benches. Understandably the schoolyard furniture has received its fair share of vigorous use over the years, not to mention being subjected to the ever-changing environmental conditions.

The early-generation Replas seating has certainly passed the test, and its durability is plain to see. Because of the product’s longevity without the need for ongoing maintenance, the school had an easy decision to make when looking at further improvements to their seating stock. The word  has come that they wish to install more recycled plastic benches as part of a new project.

Another big plus for Replas: when these benches do eventually reach the end of their lifecycle, they will be taken back and reground into new recycled plastic items. That’s quite unlike timber, which is typically hard to dispose of productively.