Our Recycling Partners

Replas is committed to reducing the amount of plastic currently going to landfill. We are proud to work with many Australian companies, such as Coles, who have taken responsibility for the plastic waste they create. Because they understand and embrace the principles of the ‘Pull Through Effect’ we can assist them in reducing their environmental impact by ensuring their plastic waste is recycled and reused within Australia.


In 2010 Replas and the RED program entered into an exciting partnership with Coles. Concerned by the amount of old or unwanted ‘green bags’ in the community, Coles wanted to offer customers a convenient and environmentally responsible way to dispose of their reusable bags.

In an Australian first Coles launched a ‘green’ bag recycling initiative where customers, schools and councils were encouraged to return unwanted bags to their local store. All bags collected were sent to Replas to be turned into outdoor furniture, which were then donated to 100 schools around Australia. This initiative was so successful Coles and Replas hope to expand on this program in the future.

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Red Group

In 2010 Where do plastic bags go at the end of their useful life? The RED Project is an Australian-based closed loop recycling initiative developed by the RED Group to educate Australians and provide a sustainable solution for all types of plastic bags and flexible plastic packaging that are no longer useful and are destined for landfill or transport offshore. There are millions of pieces of this fully-recyclable plastic lurking in Victorian households – yet there was no simple way to discard them responsibly.

The RED Project in partnership with Replas, is a complete closed loop system where plastic bags and packaging at the end of their useful life are not sent to landfill, but are collected through Australian Primary Schools, Councils, Businesses, and Retail Outlets to become the resource used to manufacture Replas recycled plastic outdoor furniture and other products which are then offered back to schools and communities across Australia.

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Department of Sustainability and Environment

Bring in the new but make good use of the old – that’s the philosophy of Department of Sustainability and Environment staff in the Otways when it comes to replacing fireline helmets – helmets that could eventually find new life in a boardwalk or bridge. DSE Otways District Manager Andrew Morrow said fireline helmets used by Otways DSE, DPI and Parks Victoria staff had been replaced recently. “As a result of the replacement we faced the challenge of how to dispose of the old helmets correctly in keeping with the department’s values of sustainability,” Mr Morrow said. “One of our staff searched the internet and found Replas, an Australian company that specialises in the production of recycled-plastic products. “What interested us was the fact that the company had recycled old helmets from a Queensland coal mine and they are prepared to recycle DSE helmets.”


Hospitals using Sterile Wrap for wrapping sterile packages for operating room and ward use are invited to participate in an innovative sustainable recycling program provided by REPLAS. REPLAS has three sites in Victoria which granulates the waste, then moulds and manufactures it into new products and sells them. The Hospital Sterile Wrap Recycling program involves REPLAS collecting your used clean Sterile Wrap and recycling it back into numerous useful items such as outdoor furniture, signage and boardwalk planks for use in national parks. This is a great opportunity to recycle a product that may have ended up as landfill.

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