Replas Environmental Statement

With plastic use on the rise, we need to create a sustainable community that reduces, re-uses and recycles plastics. At Replas, we see waste as a valuable resource, and are part of making this world more sustainable. What is the environmental cost in not being involved in the circular economy? By re-thinking your selection and procurement to recycled plastic products, you become the true recycler. Everyone touches plastic and we must be more accountable and responsible if we are to drive demand for recycled plastic products.

The Circular Economy

Replas uses plastic waste collected in Australia to make a range of outdoor products. If there is no demand for these products, the plastic waste may end up in landfill instead. When government, schools, and industry purchase these products they are all helping to make the process work by closing the loop on recycling. This is called the Circular Economy, it ensures that the recycled plastic is being bought back into viable, useful products that will better the environment.

Australian Made Recycled-Plastic Products

Replas is proud that all waste materials are collected within Australia. For recycling to work it is essential that the people who produce plastic waste take responsibility for the life cycle of the material. This is why we choose to partner with companies that understand and embrace the Pull Through Effect. When you choose a recycled-plastic product you contribute to the continuing work of our Research & Development centre. Which then is dedicated to ensuring manufacturing methods are as sustainable and efficient as possible. Understand The Pull Through Effect and the War on Waste currently taking place in Australia.

Recycle Your Plastic
Raw Material Statement

Our Recycling Partners

We are proud to work with many Australian companies, such as Coles, who have taken responsibility for the plastic waste they create. Because they understand and embrace the principles of the ‘Pull Through Effect’ and the War on Waste we can assist them in reducing their environmental impact by ensuring their plastic waste is recycled and reused within Australia. For more information on recycling your plastic and what you can do to help, please contact the sales team.

Our Recycling Partners

In 2018, Replas made the switch to Choice Energy – solar panels –  on the Ballarat facilities, the Replas Head Office. The change to solar meant Replas was not only reducing energy costs, but contributing to creating a more Circular Economy. This sustainable solution will benefit long term and allow Replas to be more in control.

“Australian owner and operated, Choice Energy specialises in supporting businesses in all industries to reduce their energy costs through energy procurement services. We utilise a closed bid tender process to deliver the best financial outcomes for your business, encompassing a strategic approach to ensure your current and future energy demands, contractual requirements, site details and market trends are all considered to deliver the best outcomes for you.”

More About Choice Energy

Red Cycle by Red Group

RED Group is a Melbourne-based consulting and recycling organisation and has developed and implemented the REDcycle Program; a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic. They have teamed up with Coles, Woolworths and some of Australia’s most-loved brands to make it easy for you to keep your plastic bags and soft plastic packaging out of landfill. The REDcycle Program is true product stewardship model where manufacturers, retailers and consumers are sharing responsibility in creating a sustainable future. There is now a Red Cycle bin in every Coles store across Australia! 


  • Collect all the soft plastics that you can’t recycle at home.
  • Please ensure they are dry and as empty as possible.


  • Drop your soft plastics into your nearest REDcycle collection bin and RED Group will do the rest.
  • There are more than 830 participating supermarkets around Australia. Find the REDcycle drop off point nearest to you.
  • REDcycle bins are typically located near the checkout. There are currently a few different types of REDcycle bins in use depending on the store so please ask at the customer service desk if you can’t locate the bin.


  • The collected plastic is returned to RED Group’s facility for initial processing, then delivered to Victorian manufacturer Replas where it undergoes an incredible transformation.
  • Replas uses the material as the resource to produce a huge range of recycled-plastic products, from fitness circuits to sturdy outdoor furniture, bollards, signage and more.

For the full comprehensive list of what to REDcycle, click here

The Types of Plastic We Recycle

Replas recycles a wide range of rigid and soft plastics collected through industry and the community. This chart shows the types of plastic we can accept. The illustrations are a guide only and by no means a comprehensive representation of the plastic we recycle. For information regarding what you can recycle at your local Coles or Woolworths, check out Red Group and their guides on how and what to recycle.

We can help you calculate just how much plastic you’re saving from landfill by purchasing a Replas product. Simply put in the weight of the specified product to see how many pieces of plastic packaging goes into the product.


Energy Efficiency

The Replas process is very efficient – we use about 25% of the power that it takes to make virgin plastic. Replas does not wash the plastic making it so there is no water used. Replas only adds colour and UV stabiliser to their products at an add rate of roughly 2%.

The only waste created are any contaminates like aluminum cans or bottles which are of course recycled. The other bonus is that Replas products replace a lot of things that use valuable resources like timber etc. These products at end of life, or when damaged, can be recycled back into new recycled plastic products.

Chinese National Sword Convenient

“Through the campaign, Chinese customs officials will strengthen their cooperation with local authorities as well as with relevant government departments and industry associations. Through the campaign, Chinese customs officials will strengthen their cooperation with local authorities as well as with relevant government departments and industry associations.China’s General Administration of Customs announced the year-long ‘National Sword 2017’ campaign to cut the illegal smuggling of ‘foreign waste’ and other products including agricultural products, resource products, tax-related goods, drugs and guns earlier this month.”

Learn more about the National Sword here.

Eco-Buy Reports

Eco-buy was a government based organisation that compiled reports that are of extraordinary value to Replas. These reports came from a 500,000 Victorian grant aiming to show why governments and corporations should purchase recycled plastic. Here, you will find fact sheets that explain the benefits of using recycled plastic products in full detail. As well as saving money through these products, making sure it is fit-for-purpose, and much more.

Recycled plastic bollards are an excellent alternative to timber

Enduroplank is an Australian made recycled plastic decking.

Replas offers a broad range of quality recycled plastic outdoor furniture.

Replas makes a range of recycled plastic signs.