Plastic has become fantastic at Sunshine Hospital. Western Health has teamed with Abel Plastics – the supplier of plastic material used by the hospital – to establish a recycling stream to turn medical plastics into furniture. Recycling partners the Red Group and Replas collected and turned this material including sterile wrap and packaging into four recycled bench seats which have been installed outside the hospital. About two tonnes of waste plastic has been collected since January.

Western Health sustainability officer Catherine O’Shea said a green economy had been established. ‘We have been trying to take a more responsible approach to our environmental footprint, and the staff have been very enthusiastic,’ she said. ‘We’ve been recycling so much more than we had been.’ Western Health has a target to divert 20 per cent of its waste from landfill by July next year. Ms O’Shea said they hope to roll out the program to other hospitals.