Miller Technology High School in New South Wales have installed recycled plastic Tree Guards for their new feature garden, designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Tony Whitlock, General Assistant at the school said, “Miller Technology High School as a school has a wide recycling policy which focuses on the importance of recycling and renewable energy. [We] are confident that the Replas’ recycled plastic tree guards are going to be a long term solution to protecting our tree planting.” The sturdy, durable recycled plastic Tree Guard barrier from Replas is designed to safeguard trees, connecting the panels to 100 mm square bollards. The stylish and economical solution to protect trees has made a big impact at Miller Technology HS, Tony explains, “Since the installation of our feature garden, we have a had a really positive response from our community. With the garden located in a high traffic area, many staff; students and their parents have expressed that the garden brings them a sense of happiness and pride.” Like all recycled plastic products from Replas, these Tree Guards will not rot, split, or crack and will never need painting. “The installation process of the tree guards was very simple. With the correct materials and instructions supplied, each tree guard took no longer than ten minutes to assemble,” explained Melissa Boyle, General Assistant. “Once built, they were able to be manoeuvred into place with two people. The website was easy to use and we are delighted that the process was hassle free. Miller Technology High School look forward to working with Replas’ again on future projects,” said Melissa.