Specialist training services company Wood Group M&O delivers courses in safety, medical and fire fighting. The company is based at the heart of the New Zealand oil and gas industry in New Plymouth, and their marine training centre is a busy place.

To provide student seating within the area of active training, the company decided that Replas recycled-plastic Lyrebird benches would best serve their needs.
Marine Training Centre Team Leader Liz Smith said the benches were a terrific fit for the area. “These benches are great for the damp environment in our marine training centre. They are sturdy enough to accommodate several students at a time, and are easily moved around when needed,” she said.

Made of recycled-plastic diverted from the landfill, Wood Group M&O’s have installed new seats which will benefit the centre for decades. Not only that, they’re maintenance-free, saving money and time for all involved.