“The quality and sturdiness of the products are fantastic. Considering the extreme heat that we can have out west, the seating doesn’t seem to get so hot that the students can’t use it,” explains Jaye Milgate, School Administration Manager for Trangie Central School in New South Wales. “The whole idea of the recycled products shows our students just a fraction of what waste materials can be used for. As such, the furniture could really be considered as a teaching resource as well as aesthetically pleasing within our school environment,”continued Jaye. Trangie Central School have recently installed Kookaburra and Premier Settings around their school grounds. Kookaburra Settings from Replas are ideally suited to area where maximum seating is required, perfect for a school setting. Also, the use of a galvanised steel frame means that only a single post is required for supporting the table.”Our recent purchase of the Kookaburra Settings are installed under our new bus shelter that is visible to our local community and the area has received many positive comments,” said Jaye. Premier Settings are also installed on the school hill grounds. These recycled plastic settings offer greater legroom thanks to the clever design of the bench and table supports. “We encourage our students to recycle both at school and in their home environment,” said Jaye. “In the past we have taken part if programs such as Waste to Art, giving our students a little insight into what can be done with regards to recycling and sustainability. The Replas furniture has met the needs of what we have set out to do, we will definitely be considering Replas products in the future.”