Stony Point Caravan Park, a popular holiday spot on the shores of Western Port, Victoria, is home to many Replas products. The facility is enhanced for users’ pleasure with a range of recycled-plastic products that include park seats, picnic settings, bollard signs and plank signs. Exposed as they are to the salt winds that come whipping off the bay, the Park’s structures and facilities must all be able to withstand the elements and effects of nature. Where timber and other materials quickly corrode and break down in this environment, Replas recycled plastic stays strong and looking good.

As a part of the wider UNESCO-recognised Mornington Peninsular and Western Port Biosphere Reserve, Stony Point Caravan Park is located in a region of great natural beauty and ecological significance. By installing recycled-plastic products,  Stony Point Caravan Park is investing not only in quality, long-lasting, low-maintenance amenities, but putting resource sustainability and conservation of our natural environment into practice.