The cocktail bar with a twist – ‘Re’ bar in the hub of Sydney is fully sustainable, “everything you touch as a guest is pretty much from recycled material – your seat, the table-top, your glass, your plate,” explains Matt Whiley, creator of Re bar. The benchtops, table-tops, and speckled walls are recycled plastic sheeting from Replas, which is what drew Matt and his team of builders, Alliance Group, and Alfred Architects , to use the products for this sustainable bar. “Our plan is to show that this is just a normal cocktail bar — you could easily go in and out and not even realise you’ve been inside a venue that operates on waste and recycled materials,” said Matt.

Using Jazz sheeting from Replas gives Matt an opportunity to showcase what can be done, and how bars can operate in the future. “Traditionally, the bar industry has been incredibly wasteful. I’m not saying that we’re going to be zero-waste from day one, but we’re going to try bloody hard to get there.”

Replas Jazz and plain coloured Sheeting is 100% solid plastic sheets 2.4 x 1.2m in size, currently available in thickness range from 10 to 60 mm in recycled HDPE from Australian waste streams. Available in a range of colours, in smooth or textured finish, PIR sheeting is tough, strong and durable. PIR Sheeting will not rot, crack, swell, deteriorate, mildew or be attacked by termites. It will last for years outdoors and in continuous contact with water and many corrosive chemicals that would attack and destroy most metals.

It can be used for a huge range of applications in many industries including Agriculture, Aquaculture, Building & Construction, Chemical, Equine, Manufacturing, Marine, Materials Handling, Signage, Transport, and more. Matt wants to make sure his customers leave happier than when they arrived, “People don’t want a lesson when they go out, and we certainly don’t want to preach zero-waste to anyone. If guests ask about what’s happening behind the scenes, however, we’re more than happy to tell them.”