Public Talks

Replas offers complimentary visits to councils, schools, architects, community groups and more to deliver presentations on the Circular Economy and the importance of driving the demand for recycled plastic products. Replas hopes to educate audiences on the real solutions and practical ways to make a difference within the community with recycled plastic products. The Replas Environmental Centre (REC) is one of the largest plastic recycling centres in the southern hemisphere. A visit to the REC offers an innovative and interactive learning experience. The REC welcomes school, businesses and community groups. The Replas Environmental Centre offers visitors an opportunity to discover some of the answers to the problems faced by our planet. Of course, it is home to a range of companies that have developed alternative solutions to help build a more sustainable future. This centre is one of the largest environmental centres in Australia and aims to provides an inspirational and educational experience.

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Recycled plastic bollards are an excellent alternative to timber

Enduroplank is an Australian made recycled plastic decking.

Replas offers a broad range of quality recycled plastic outdoor furniture.

Replas makes a range of recycled plastic signs.